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" Man with Cat "

Abbey Lossing is a renowned illustrator known for her distinctive style that blends modernity and nostalgia – marked by simplicity, warmth, and quirky charm.
The piece “Man with Cat” captures a cozy vibe where a guy is totally tuned into strumming his guitar, with a chill cat lounging nearby. Abbey’s art sets a laid-back scene with cool wall art and a sunny window that just feels like a lazy Sunday. When Abbey handed off her files, I got to work in After Effects, tweaking a few things here and there—like giving new life to the guy’s fingers and the guitar strings, and making the cat’s tail sway just right. A bit of wiggle in the animation gives it all a handcrafted feel, as if the whole scene’s gently breathing with the tune. This was all about keeping Abbey’s original chill vibe, just adding a dash of motion to mix it up.

Thanks for watching!