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" Veteran's Day Google Doodle "

Google Doodles transform the search engine’s logo to celebrate notable figures, events, and holidays, enriching users’ daily browsing with creativity and discovery.
When Foreign Fauna was entrusted with the creation of a Google Doodle to honor Veterans Day 2018, we felt a profound sense of responsibility and excitement. As part of the team, my role evolved from the early stages of project estimation and producing to the detailed task of animation. We delved into this project with hearts filled with empathy, driven by personal connections to military service within our own families, making it not just a project but a tribute.

Emory Allen led the initial exploration, crafting styleframes that would resonate with the gravity of veterans’ experiences, balancing the aesthetic with meaningful storytelling. Our creative journey was built on trust—trust in our collaborative process, trust in the exceptional talents of our team including Peter Steineck and Anna Faught, and trust in the guidance provided by Erich Nagler, Art Director at Google Doodles.

Our process was organic embracing the feedback loop as a tool for refinement. This project was a true team effort, requiring detailed scheduling, honest communication, and a commitment to the project’s vision. It was a reminder that when passion and collaboration converge, the end result is not only visually captivating but emotionally powerful—a fitting homage to those who have served.

The culmination of our efforts was not just witnessed in the Doodle itself but also in the behind-the-scenes stories that brought us all together, reflecting on the incredible journey. This project stands as a hallmark of Foreign Fauna’s dedication to using the power of animation to convey stories that matter deeply.


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