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" The Prairie House "

Grace Pedersen is a talented freelance illustrator known for drawing inspiration from music and the enchanting, everyday moments of life in the Wisconsin countryside.
While working at Motion504, I collaborated with Grace Pedersen during a quiet spell between projects. Inspired by her ongoing series of illustrations designed to hone her narrative skills, our team fell in love with the concept and decided to bring “The Prairie House” to life through animation. Our collective enthusiasm was the driving force behind this project.

As the director of animation, I was responsible for dissecting Grace’s illustrations into animatable elements, ensuring each component could be brought to life in a 2.5D space. This involved recreating certain aspects in After Effects. AJ Haines added a dynamic layer by animating the fabric elements in Cinema 4D.. Taylor Zerull later joined the project finishing off the paths of the birds that fluttered around a windmill.

Unfortunately, the series remains incomplete. As new projects ramped up, our team’s focus shifted away from “The Prairie,” leaving three final frames unfinished. This lingering piece is a reminder of what could have been. If you’re curious about these unfinished frames and want to help bring it to life, reach out to me at, and let’s make it happen.

Despite its incomplete status, the work we achieved stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of our team at Motion504. It showcases our ability to change static images into captivating narratives, even if some stories remain waiting for their final chapter.


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