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" Illustration for Motion "

School of Motion is an online education platform offering comprehensive courses and resources for aspiring motion designers to hone their skills and advance their careers in the field of animation and motion graphics.
The “Illustration for Motion” course by School of Motion, led by the esteemed Sarah-Beth Morgan, offers a deep dive into the art of animation, guides students through the transformative process of breathing life into their art. It’s a hands-on dive into the convergence of illustration and animation, teaching how to create engaging, narrative-driven motion pieces. Under the creative direction of Emory Allen, the opener stands as a beacon for those ready to elevate their storytelling through motion. As the lead animator, I collaborated closely with Emory and a talented team of animators. Together we channeled our collective expertise utilizing a blend of frame by frame, after effects and 3d techniques.

The Animation

The Process

Beginning with a boardomatic—a fusion of rough sketches and polished style frames meticulously arranged by Emory Allen—laid the foundation for the animation’s narrative flow. From there, I took the helm, mapping out the camera’s journey and the characters’ choreography within After Effects, crafting a visual guide that anchored our creative process. This blueprint not only steered the animation team but also streamlined our workflow, embodying the ethos of working smarter, not harder, to achieve a seamless and dynamic final piece.




Client: School of Motion
Produced by: Motion504
Producer: Andy Reynolds
Creative Director: Emory Allen
Animation Lead: Alicia Allen
Design: Emory Allen, Grace Pedersen
Animation: Emory Allen, Alicia Allen, Scott Wenner, AJ Hanes, Derick Loftis, Grace Pedersen


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