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" So Long Suckers "

Hellavision Television is an experimental animation show known for its encouragement of artists to explore and express through animation – without judgement.
For the “final” curtain call of HELLAVISION TELEVISION ANIMATION SHOW – EPISODE 8, I worked on crafting an adorable and unique farewell. The episode, playfully masquerading as the last, was a stage for creative subversion. My contributions? Two pieces that embraced the episode’s narrative fabric with a touch of sly wit and visual intrigue. The first piece, a risograph-printed poster titled “So Long Suckers” was a visual pun, a nod to the episode’s faux-conclusion. The second piece, an opening animation, brought to life an adorably macabre scene – a candy sucker cannibalizing its kin while sharing a message of love for my fellow creators. This animation wasn’t just a whimsical opener; it was a microcosm of the show’s ethos – spirit of spontaneous creativity with a dash of the unexpected and absurd.

The Poster

In crafting the “So Long Suckers” poster, my process was a blend of typography and technical precision. Starting in Illustrator, I experimented with scale and typography. This type was then exported as a PNG and brought into the 3D world of Blender. Here, I animated glass suckers gliding past the text, a technique that allowed me to capture the intricate refractions and displacements across the type, adding a layer of depth and dynamism to the design.

Working exclusively in Red, Green, and Blue, I employed a thoughtful approach to color, keeping in mind the unique demands of risograph printing. This color choice not only facilitated the easy keying and separation of elements for printing but also allowed for seamless recoloring in the animation phase. The result was a visually striking poster that standing at the intersection of design and 3D, a testament to the fusion of form, function, and creativity.

The Animation


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